Sunday, January 3, 2010

Meet The Cupcakes: Part 2

Excuse me but I am a bit distracted by the beautiful that is Ann of Ann's Rants.

Can't wait to meet her.

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Dear Man At The Urinal in Target.

Kristina, who blogs at The Joy Walk would like to mention a disclosure and slightly sarcastic tidbit:

"I'm not very ladylike about eating. I'm not too timid to be the first one in line and I never eat a ladylike portion. I talk with my mouth full because I just can't help myself. Deal with it. :0) Cupcakes, here I come!"

(Kristina, I think you'll fit right in...)

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Haley writes at Love, Life, Family, and then some.

"Since I'm a busy mom I'm usually behind on current
movies...but not too long ago I watched "UP". I sobbed at that movie...gosh how wonderful it was! I felt so touched by the relationships throughout the story.

Continuing on a Pixar note, I love "Finding Nemo". I can remember
eeing that movie for the first time...and just being blown away. I love the ocean and the way they animated it was just breathtaking. The first time I watched it (I was young and single) I was deeply touched by the relationship between Marlin and Coral; later I watched it again not long after Jackson was born and I remember it affecting me on a whole new level. To me, it is the perfect story of parental love.

I spent much of my childhood in the hospital, very ill with Asthma. At one point I was even on the lung transplant waiting list. For more interesting facts about me, you can read my "100 Things About Me" post
here. I wrote it in May 2007...while I was pregnant with my son, Jackson."

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Erin said...

KRISTINA. I eat like I'm in prison and have been known to make food virtually disappear by eating it all in one bite. We'll get along great.

Maggie, Dammit said...

Like Haley, the only movies I've seen in the theater over the last several are kid ones. With the exception of Julie & Julia, which I saw with the beautiful Ann up there, and which I recommend all who really love blogging go see right now.

And Kristina, I'm gonna give you a run for your money. ;)

Maggie, Dammit said...

Ugh, I meant several YEARS.

Need more coffee.

Anyway, I'm loving these get-to-know-you blurbs. Thanks for doing this!

Ann's Rants said...

Wow, now I feel like an ass for not giving you more info.

Thanks for making up something so nice to fill it in.

Looking forward to this weekend.

In appreciation,

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh I'm having fun with it! And Maggie, I loved Julie & Julia! I saw it with Erin & Sarah - they'll be at Cupcake.


Kristina Joy said...

So I'm thinking we need to rent Julie & Julia and watch it at Cupcake10!