Saturday, January 2, 2010

Get a load of these cupcakes.

How about a little "getting to know" everyone before we all meet (many for the 1st time!) in person?

I'll go first.

"I'm Stephanie, Mom to 4 (three boys named Noah, Carter, & Grayson and a little girly girl Ivy LaRue.) I blog at Adventures In Babywearing. My blog's title is more about how as a Mom I can feel like I wear my kids, or they wear me out. You know? But I do some babywearing on the side, too. PS I love the art of mothering.

Yesterday I watched the old 80's movie Parenthood, twice. They just don't make movies like they used to. I like to knit and I don't say bad words. (You will also find that I am a senior citizen in an almost-33-year-old's body.) Oh yeah, my birthday is next week. :)"

Must reads:
A post that sums up much of my daily life with Gray (now 4, but with double the intensity!): Honeys in the Hizzouse.
Also, I gave birth to Ivy at home. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life: The Birth Story.

Elizabeth from Boy Crazy is the Mom to three boys (hey, I can relate!) and she tells me:

"I am more comfortable in a tent than in a swanky hotel... in college I followed the Phish tour every summer, and... my house is probably messier than anyone else's. For real. (Ok, that totally makes me sound like a dirty hippie, which I am not. I swear. I wear eye makeup every day, even when I'm home all day with the kids!) *sigh* I'm no good at these things."

Must read:

Elizabeth wrote about a post a while back about irrational fears
we all have: Crazy Talk.

Have you met THE fabulous Erin of School Teacher by day, Superhero by night? Someday this will get old, but every introduction will probably from here on out involve the mention that she recently gave birth to her second son at home on her stairs on accident.
"I just finished reading Change of Heart by Jodi Picoult, which touched me because it forced me to really think about the death penalty, a topic that always leaves me feeling so conflicted. It also made me think about the lengths one would go to protect and save a child.

My favorite movie is Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure because it always makes me feel better and laugh, no matter how I'm feeling at the time. And because I strive to eat all desserts in the same way that Napoleon eats the Ziggy Piggy."

Must reads:
Embarrassing blogged moment
(drunk vogue-ing) and of course, Tommy's birth story

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Boy Crazy said...

Ahh! I can tell I gave you my bio after a few glasses of wine. Heh.

And I had my boys at home, too! How funny, that when only about 1% of the pop has homebirths, all 3 of us did. Funny.

Looking forward to meeting all of you girls!


Maggie, Dammit said...

OK, these are awesome. And I need to re-do mine. I'm sorry I'm so lame, Steph!

You guys are women warriors, I can tell. Can't wait. xo

Sarah Viola said...

Elizabeth, don't fret! All awesome things I do come after a few glasses of wine.

I can't wait to meet everyone!