Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Fresh Cupcakes: Part 5

Flying in from SUNNY Los Angeles, California is Lee from Moms Without Blogs (Lee, dress warm!)
"I am a mom of three to Claire, 7, Phoebe, 5 and Tommy, 2 and I still work as a freelance producer in reality/non-fiction television. I wish I could say I've seen a lot of movies but I haven't. But The Hangover made me laugh really really hard.

I also like listening to music in the kitchen (even though I'm a lame cook, I do seem to spend a ridiculous amount of time in the kitchen) especially Dave Matthews, Chris Cornell and Foo Fighters. I'm scared to death of the cold so I hope I survive this trip to the Midwestern tundra. :-)

Must reads:
"The Evolution of a Mother" - "A pretty decent overview of who I am right now." And a kinda funny one: "A Matter of Life and Death."

blogs at The Tales Of Princess Mikkimoto

"I'm a 37 year old single mom to a wonderful 9 year old son. We live in Madison and are very close to my parents who watch Ben every day after school and often on the weekends. His father isn't in the picture and never has been. This isn't something to be sad about as it hasn't defined us… perhaps made us closer as mother and son.

And I recently found Mr. Right, who not only am I head over heels for, Ben is too. We are all excited about a great 2010 which may include a wedding. In which case, I'll have to change the tag line of my blog.

Must reads:
"I think my most favorite post was the letter I wrote to my son on his ninth birthday: Nine or the one that took the longest and almost broke my brain from the creativity it involved was my verson of The Night Before Christmas: Twas The Night Before a Snow Storm."

Stephanie of The Hanes Family Chronicles
"I am a major bookworm... though my reading time has been few and far between with two little ones ( a 17 month old and 3 month old.) I was able to read two books in a series by one of my favorite authors while we were driving to and from Michigan for Christmas- The Secret and The Missing by Beverly Lewis. For some reason I love reading books about the Amish. They fascinate me... mostly because I know I could never live without Internet or pictures!

I also love the simple way they believe in God and how it radiates into every aspect of their lives- I want my life to be like that. My faith is what has sustained me through many of life's trials and what gives me hope for tomorrow. I want my life to reflect that in ALL things. It's a daily journey, choosing each morning to live for Him and surrender my wants and desires to His will for me.

I love to scrapbook and sew, too, though finding the time to do either is just as hard as finding the time to read. I have a little Etsy shop where I sell some baby things I've created but am currently taking a sabbatical from sewing orders to take care of my kids. ;) "

Must reads:
Best Job In The World
25 Random Things About Me

Sara blogs at Joel Lives

"Ok, well, I love movies but just never seem to get to them. Which is odd because I find movie popcorn to be the most delicious food group next to sugar, so you would think I'd go more often.

I guess I'd just like everyone to know I'm new at this, and I started because the turmoil from losing my son had to go somewhere. I am so blessed that somehow it found its way to an amazing group of women who have forever altered the last seven months of my life for the better. I feel like I've lived seven lifetimes and it's all ok because it got me here.

I'm a Christian first and foremost, flawed and learning, grateful and healing. I have been showing horses for twenty five years, and LOVE it even though I am currently horseless. I went to law school even though I didn't want to be a courtroom lawyer.

I started blogging in July, after my son was born on June 9 not breathing, and went home to heaven on June 13 after every human effort had been made to save his life. Joel is the reason I am here, and while I know my life and my person are so many things more than just his mother, he brought me to all of you and to this place, and for that (and so many other things) I thank him."
Must read:
Sara's entire blog. :)

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