Tuesday, November 24, 2009



Stephanie Precourt is a work at home Mom to three boys and a baby girl in Northwest Indiana. She likes to knit, take pictures, and eat fancy cupcakes with friends on a weekly basis. She blogs about her life daily at AdventuresInBabywearing.com and blabs a lot on Twitter as babysteph.

Stephanie is the Managing Editor at 5 Minutes For Parenting and is a freelance writer for NWIparent Magazine and the NWIparent blog Close To Home. She is also a contributing writer at SheKnows.com's Real Moms Guide.


Heather spends her days with her two small boys, Miles and Asher in Minnesota. She waxes philosophical on all things motherhood and life at The Extraordinary Ordinary and shares random information on Twitter as HeatheroftheEO.

Heather blogs because it reminded her that she loves to write, but mostly because she loves the community of kindred spirits she's found here on the world-wide interweb.


Allison has recently entered the world of blogging and even more recently, motherhood. She met her husband at 18, married him at 21, and had a baby at 23. It's not that she's trying to get it all done by 30, she just thinks family is so freaking awesome.

Allison has found tremendous amounts of support in the blogging community, support that is invaluable to a brand new mother. Plus, she can use it to connect with the outside world while not actually having to get dressed. The internet is a beautiful thing.

Visit Allison at her lovely blog, O My Family and on Twitter as OMyFamily.

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